Introducing New Products, Services, and Ideas

Ideas for Growth

For those of you who have already successfully started a business and are ready to take the next step, you may be wondering what you can do to help your business grow.

Ideas for Growing Your Business
Choosing the proper one (or ones) for your business will depend on the type of business you own, your available resources, and how much money, time and resources you’re willing to invest all over again. If you’re ready to grow, take a look at these tips.

Contracting with the Government

One of the best ways to grow your business is to win business from the government. Work with your local SBA and Small Business Development Center to help you determine the types of contracts available to you.

SBA: Government Contracts
Sell your products and services to government agencies. Learn how to become a federal contractor, find business opportunities, and the rules and regulations that federal contractors need to follow. For assistance in the North Texas SBDC region, contact the Center for Government Contracting SBDC.

A Guide to Government Contracting Opportunities in Texas
This guide can help provide information that as an approved state vendor small businesses can begin selling goods and services to more than 200 Texas agencies.

International Importing & Exporting

Where will your next customer come from? Small businesses looking to increase sales and profit are taking their businesses global. Nearly 96 percent of consumers and over two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power reside outside the U.S.

SBA: Importing/Exporting
There are many good reasons to export: reduced dependence on the domestic market; diversified sources of revenue; extended sales potential and product shelf life of existing products; and stabilized seasonal markets and sales fluctuations, to name a few. If you are ready to get started in international trade, there are a number of government programs to help you get started. brings together resources from across the U.S. Government to assist American businesses in planning their international sales strategies and succeed in today’s global marketplace. Small businesses looking to increase sales and profit, reduce dependence on the domestic market and stabilize seasonal fluctuations should consider exporting.

Go Green

These days, there’s a new focus on environmental responsibility, and as a small business owner, you can make a difference too. As a “green” business, you’ll not only help protect our ecosystem, but your sales could benefit among consumers who value your environmental efforts.

Green Business Guide
As consumers become more environmentally conscious and energy costs continue to rise, businesses are rapidly adopting environmentally friendly business practices that can save money while creating happier customers and a healthier planet.

Green Contracting Opportunities
Various laws, executive orders and procurement regulations now require federal agencies to purchase green (bio-based, recycled content, and energy efficient) products. So if you are already “green” or are thinking about going green, you may have an advantage on your competitors!


Are you interested in rapidly expanding your business? You might consider franchising, especially if your business model is easily replicated.

Build Your Own Franchise
Here are a few things to keep in mind as you determine whether your business could succeed as a franchise.

Entrepreneur: Franchise Zone
Find listings, directories, rankings of franchise opportunities and thorough information about franchising.

Online and E-Commerce

Online and E-Commerce
If you have not decided whether the fanfare over conducting business online is hype or reality and are holding off developing a Web site for your enterprise, you could be missing out on a powerful business tool.