Start a Business

Know the Facts Before You Begin

Starting a business may seem easy at first, but many first-time entrepreneurs have falling victim to a “Ready, Shoot, Aim” mentality!

Careful planning, attention to detail, due diligence, and an iron will to succeed will empower you to achieve those business-owning dreams.

Legal Structure, Licensing, and Permits

Along with choosing a legal structure and registering a name for your business, you will need to determine if there are any additional requirements, such as licensing and permits. (Find Out How)

Loans, Grants, and Financial Assistance

The first loan to start your small business may very well come out of your own pocket. If you do qualify for financing, there are a number of options using either debt or equity capital that may be suitable to help fund your new venture. (Find Out How)

Marketing a New Business

Building a customer base for your products and services takes time, money and planning. Begin by getting facts about your industry, local market, customers and competitors. With the right information, your next step is to develop a strategy that identifies the steps you will take to effectively communicate with your target market and convert prospects into customers. (Find Out How)

Managing Your Business

After you have successfully launched your small business, you have the ongoing challenge of managing it – of nurturing it and growing its profitability, while at the same time adhering to laws and regulations that govern your industry. (Find Out How)

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