Call 4 Computers, LLC

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Rodney and Julie Norton own and operate Call 4 Computers, LLC which began in Streetman in 2002. Eventually, they moved the business to Main Street in Fairfield. They provide various kinds of computer and technical support for businesses and individuals. They are widely respected and handle a heavy work load in the community. Recently, they have hired their son to work for them as well.

Julie contacted the Navarro SBDC in December 2015 because she was aware of the QuickBooks support that the local business advisor, Amy Freeman provided. Julie was concerned that it would be necessary to create a new company file in QuickBooks, because of the numerous errors that had been made in the company file over the years. The bank account was not able to be reconciled and credit cards were not being tracked in the company file. After reviewing the company file and discussing their needs, Amy encouraged Julie to be prepared to create a new company file at the beginning of 2016.

During visits with Julie in January and February 2016, Amy was able to assist them in creating a new company file, connecting the file to their bank and credit card accounts for easier data entry of their accounting transactions. With Amy’s support, they were able to begin new processes and procedures for handling orders and tracking purchases, so they connect correctly to the appropriate bank or credit card transaction.

Julie has been able to successfully reconcile the bank statements each month, maintain the customer files and keep up with deposits in a timely and accurate manner. Reports are produced without effort, and tax records are prepared efficiently.

Julie stated, “Amy’s help has been invaluable. I am so thankful that I contacted her. There is no way that I could have done this without her. Things run so much more efficiently now.”

Amy will continue to provide support as needed for the Norton’s as they seek to streamline their bookkeeping practices and keep up with the heavy work load.