Hood Service Company Air Conditioning

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Keith Tyrone Hood established his business in November of 2015 as a sole proprietorship. He quickly started growing and knew that he would need to establish an LLC to bid on the large contract jobs. Tyrone saw the Navarro SBDC sign and came in to seek assistance with changing to a Limited Liability Corporation. Tyrone noted that the “Navarro SBDC team quickly and efficiently assisted me navigating the SOS Direct website and changing the ownership structure of my business with ease and provided all of the services that I needed for free! The SBDC team is awesome and a much needed service for business owners in our community!”

The SBDC team has assisted Tyrone with his application and also with establishing his accounting system utilizing QuickBooks. In addition, Leslie has worked closely with Tyrone to market his business via Facebook and videos to show how he assist his customers. Tyrone consistently utilizes Facebook with his videos, ads and pictures that are quickly gaining the attention of all Navarro County residents.

The business has been awarded the contract for the hospital located in Corsicana and the business has grown from 1 to 3 full time employees. He has also purchased one additional vehicle to help meet the demands of his customers. In addition to installing and repairing air conditioning, Tyrone recently received his PAC Certification and is authorized to clean commercial exhaust systems.

Tyrone has many years’ experience in the Air Conditioning business and is looking forward to doing things his way as he expands his family oriented business.