iMow Texas

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Sara and Joni Nevill came to the Navarro SBDC interested in opening an Asian, women-owned lawn care business. They specifically wanted to know about HUB programs and government contracting opportunities. Business Advisor, Amy Freeman, answered their questions regarding LLCs versus sole proprietorships as well as directed them to the Texas Comptroller’s website to learn about sales tax requirements for lawn care businesses. Amy encouraged them to register the business name with the county and open a business checking account.

At their next appointment, Sara and Joni had officially started the business and purchased lawn care equipment. They had begun providing lawn care services to a few neighbors and friends. They discussed several things such as social media marketing for name recognition and looked up HUB and CMBL business lists in Texas utilizing the Texas Comptroller’s website. They immediately began the process to apply as a HUB business and paid to be on the CMBL.

Amy met again with Joni specifically relating to government contracting and provided him with a variety of certification options out of the Dallas Fort Worth Area and e-mailed the capability statement instructions and examples to Joni for them to begin working on together. Amy explained that acquiring local smaller government contracts i.e. school districts or small municipalities would be a way to begin having successes with government contracts without having to go through all of the DFW certification processes.

They have recently been working on a significant bid to do lawn care with the city of Waco. Joni stated, “Amy assistance was helpful in getting on the Centralized Master Bidders List. Amy’s support provided the opportunity for us to receive invitations for four or five dozen bid opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We see the Navarro SBDC as a valuable resource for our business.”

Amy and the Nevill’s already have plans to continue meeting in the new fiscal year to work on the bid opportunity with the city of Waco and a new contract with the city of Huntsville.