Kwik Kar

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Kwik Kar Lube is a household name with a solid reputation in the State of Texas. Kwik Kar provides automobile maintenance services to individuals and businesses alike. Their reputation is that they take quality care of the vehicles being serviced and get the work done quickly. There are many Kwik Kar’s around the state and new locations seem to pop up monthly. This is what attracted John Terminella to start his own Kwik Kar location.

Mr. Terminella came to the SBDC looking to start the oil change business not having any experience in the industry. Business Advisor, Daniel Short, assisted the client in creating a pro forma for the new business in an effort to convince a local bank to lend on the project. After a long six month process, a local bank decided that the loan was too large for them to lend on due to the lack of experience in the industry. Mr. Terminella was referred to another lender that approved the loan within a week of completing the package.

Following the loan approval, John had many issues that needed to be worked through that required the assistance of the SBDC. There were zoning and utility issues that had to be resolved prior to being able to open. We worked hand in hand in making sure that each step was completed appropriately so that John could open his new small business. He stated, “Without the SBDC and Daniel, I would not have been as prepared as I was to open. In addition, there is no possible way we would be producing at the level we are today without the SBDC.”

Mr. Terminella’s Kwik Kar has continually grown in production and revenue and is above breakeven just a year after opening. One of the recommendations made to Mr. Terminella was to set up a management company and lease the space from one business to the other. So, in essence breakeven is actually a profit of the monthly rents collected by the management company. John Terminella continues to use the services of the SBDC and sings the praises of the center to other individuals that he comes in contact with.