Navarro College Beautique & Books

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Navarro College opened a new boutique named after the college mascot Beau. The retail establishment opened in April 2015 and offered college clothing and Starbucks Coffee. The college hired Terri Mitchell to manage the Bookstores and the Boutique. Terri requested that she be allowed to become a client of the Navarro SBDC as she needed assistance with preparing a realistic cash flow and expense report.Daniel Short worked closely with Terri to create a new budget, expense report and projections for the remainder of the year and also the next year. Daniel also created a spreadsheet to help client calculate the COGS for the different drinks that allowed for the customer to increase cost as needed. Terri Mitchell stated that “Daniel Short from the Corsicana SBDC was very instrumental in helping the Navarro College Beautique & Books set up a cost analysis and Cash flow sheet to add to our business plan. His help was very appreciated and I would recommend the SBDC for anyone trying to open small business.” Not only did Starbucks break-even, they showed a slight profit. Starbucks and the Navarro SBDC not only share a building, they have worked together to keep the Starbucks open for the students at the college.